glory b.


Sunday Island 2


A1 glory b. Multiple Suns
A2 glory b. Swingtime
B1 glory b. Bring It On
B2 glory b. Tears On Top
C1 glory b. Back On Call
C2 glory b. Proof Bros
D1 glory b. Click


Catalog number:
mfr 036/99
Release date:
grow!01 glory b. Star 02/95
cent02 the skinless brothers escape from venice 04/95
cent01 ratio Transfer 04/95
mp303 The Memory Foundation made in vienna 05/95
grow02 Jeremiah I-Levels 05/95
scd004 ratio The Babel Syndrome 09/95
grow!CD01 various Grow! For It Vol.1 01/96
usm/otl003 The Memory Foundation Breakpoint 04/96
grow!03 glory b. Friday Island 04/96
grow!05 the last discosuperstars the last discosuperstars 04/96
cent03 ratio Interrupt 05/96
cent04 The Memory Foundation Heated Heads 09/96
grow!06 maybe and her boneless sister Maybe And Her Boneless Sisters 02/97
crs 101 glory b. Da Orbital Grow Moonbooz EP 02/97
mp310 The Memory Foundation Your Last Chance 03/97
SCi 011 the skinless brothers Interdimensional Transmission Remix 01/98
cent05 the skinless brothers It's the G 02/98
mosaic012 The Memory Foundation Green Flash EP 02/98
grow!12 hi-lo One/Two 03/98
grow!14 hi-lo Three 03/98
grow!10 glory b. Fuera De EstaciĆ³n 04/98
cent06 ratio Preview 05/98
cent07 ratio Welcome to Central 06/98
tresor 89 The Memory Foundation Symbolic Language Remix 08/98
grow!15 the last discosuperstars Starboogie 10/98