Shatong EP


A1 The Memory Foundation Shatong play
A2 The Memory Foundation Restart Rerun play
B1 The Memory Foundation Cits play
B2 The Memory Foundation Ban The Bus play


Theory Recordings
Catalog number:
Release date:
grow!CD02 the last discosuperstars Starboogie 01/99
mfr 028/99 glory b. Sunday Island 1 03/99
cent08 die rhythmiker 1999 04/99
cent09 die rhythmiker Distorted Discernment 04/99
3B 02 The Memory Foundation Breakpoint 2 04/99
cent10 the skinless brothers Zeitstation 06/99
OTL CD 003 The Memory Foundation The Airbag Craftworks Compilation 08/99
cent11 The Memory Foundation Puppetmaster 09/99
grow!CD03 various Grow! For It Vol.2 10/99
grow!18 dj cartman Disco Pulpo 11/99
grow!21 hi-lo feverish e.p. 11/99
cent12 ratio Black Trail 04/00
pom11 hi-lo Dirty Towel EP 04/00
mfr 036/99 glory b. Sunday Island 2 04/00
cent13 The Memory Foundation Paydirt 09/00
grow!24 hi-lo Five 09/00
grow!27 hi-lo War Against Silence EP 11/00
grow!28 hi-lo Six 02/01
cent14 ratio Black Valve 04/01
mfr 038/00 CD glory b. Sunday Island 04/01
grow!29 hi-lo Feverish 2 05/01
send008 ratio sender loops 1 05/01
cent15 ratio Backseat Driver 06/01
csp01 ratio Ratio Remixed Part 1 06/01
csp02 ratio Ratio Remixed Part 2 07/01