The Memory Foundation

M-Plant 303 the "Made In Vienna" imprint set the thing off in 94. After 2 years of hard work Mr. Robert Hood was impressed by what he has heard in a dark basement somewhere in Viennas suburbia. So a dat-tape took a long flight back to where techno was created once and "The Memory Foundation" was born.

tracks produced by „The Memory Foundation"

central cent11 Puppetmaster play 09/99
central cent13 B-Surfer play 09/00
central cent13 Softporn play 09/00
central cent13 The Console Curve play 09/00
central cent13 Paydirt play 09/00
central cent16 The Anti-Freeze Device play 09/01
central cent16 The Rerun play 09/01
central cent17 Nutritous Dub play 03/02
central cent17 Fiasko play 03/02
central cent17 Timequake play 03/02
central cent17 Shining Thru play 03/02
central cent17 Rolling Home play 03/02
central cent17 Simplified play 03/02
central cent19 Le Marriage Sans Fin play 03/04
central cent19 H-Defused play 03/04
central cent19 Miracle Worker play 03/04
central cent19 Heat Exchange play 03/04
central cent20 Backsteppa play 09/04
central cent20 Trade Bridge Dub play 09/04
central cent20 Hot And Smokey play 09/04
central cent20 Detroit Delivery play 09/04
Theory Recordings TR027 Shatong play 08/05
Theory Recordings TR027 Restart Rerun play 08/05
Theory Recordings TR027 Cits play 08/05
Theory Recordings TR027 Ban The Bus play 08/05