glory b.

Glory B came to live when a massive highstringsound collided with an endless delayefx somwhere between berlin kreuzberg and downtown chicago back then in the 90s. It was the beginning of grow! and finally stranded on barcelonetta years later.

tracks produced by „glory b."

grow! grow!01 Star play 02/95
grow! grow!01 Mental Holidays play 02/95
grow! grow!01 Last Comedy play 02/95
grow! grow!CD01 Star play 01/96
grow! grow!CD01 B Up play 01/96
grow! grow!CD01 While They Sleep play 01/96
grow! grow!03 E-Dub play 04/96
grow! grow!03 Come As You Are play 04/96
grow! grow!03 B. Up play 04/96
grow! grow!03 Positronic play 04/96
grow! grow!10 Combustible play 04/98
grow! grow!10 Fracture play 04/98
grow! grow!10 Música play 04/98
grow! grow!10 Premier play 04/98
minifunk mfr 028/99 307 03/99
minifunk mfr 028/99 Knock Out 03/99
minifunk mfr 028/99 Dimmer 03/99
minifunk mfr 028/99 Burn Breaker 03/99
minifunk mfr 028/99 High Times 03/99
minifunk mfr 028/99 After That 03/99
grow! grow!CD03 Música play 10/99
grow! grow!CD03 Premier play 10/99
minifunk mfr 036/99 Multiple Suns 04/00
minifunk mfr 036/99 Swingtime 04/00
minifunk mfr 036/99 Bring It On 04/00