ratio is the beginning of central records. The planned first release "The Babel Syndrome" fell into the hands of another gentleman from Detroit, nobody else than Mr. Daniel Bell and was released right there on Seventh City records.
In 95 the first release on central records was ratios "transfer" e.p.
ratio is our definition of straightforward techno, reduced to what a good track really need.

tracks produced by „ratio"

central cent01 Nighttrain play 04/95
central cent01 Positronic Cycle 2 play 04/95
central cent01 Slash play 04/95
central cent01 Gastrek play 04/95
central cent01 Positronic Cycle 1 play 04/95
central cent01 Dedication play 04/95
7th City scd004 Conflexx play 09/95
7th City scd004 Neon Plasma 09/95
7th City scd004 Channel 37 09/95
7th City scd004 Prewax play 09/95
central cent03 Rectum play 05/96
central cent03 Contact! play 05/96
central cent03 Released play 05/96
central cent03 Nitrodub 05/96
central cent06 As We Proceed play 05/98
central cent06 Preview play 05/98
central cent06 Skeleton Crew play 05/98
central cent06 Early Blow play 05/98
central cent07 The Pharmacist play 06/98
central cent07 Welcome To Central play 06/98
central cent07 Doublefeature play 06/98
central cent07 Chillin With Da Dogs play 06/98
central cent07 Subsequent play 06/98
central cent07 Backshot Funk play 06/98
central cent07 Motorcity Revisited play 06/98