Hi-Lo is a robot who becomes emotional, like the machines we use. Hi-Lo is the soul of this thing. Hidden inside those plastic sheets and metal frames, between the copper wires, transformers, there you can find ideas, a passion to create and the fun to share this with the world.

tracks produced by „hi-lo"

grow! grow!CD01 Soul Food play 01/96
grow! grow!12 Another One play 03/98
grow! grow!12 Pa-Ler-Mo play 03/98
grow! grow!12 On A Twelve play 03/98
grow! grow!14 On The House Side 03/98
grow! grow!14 Into The Rhythm 03/98
grow! grow!14 War Against Silence 03/98
grow! grow!12 Rockers play 03/98
grow! grow!12 Run! play 03/98
grow! grow!12 Nu Moves play 03/98
grow! grow!CD03 Another One play 10/99
grow! grow!CD03 Run! play 10/99
grow! grow!21 He Didn´t Know play 11/99
grow! grow!21 Feverish play 11/99
grow! grow!21 Body Screamin´ play 11/99
pomelo pom11 Sweat Without Smell play 04/00
pomelo pom11 Are You Sure About That? play 04/00
pomelo pom11 I Need A Shower 04/00
grow! grow!24 Gold Dirt play 09/00
grow! grow!24 Dust Devils play 09/00
grow! grow!24 The Third Degree play 09/00
grow! grow!27 Blow Out Connection play 11/00
grow! grow!27 Secado Al Sol play 11/00
grow! grow!27 Mello´Bello play 11/00
grow! grow!27 War Against Silence 2 play 11/00